One Asset, many potential uses

The NDDA is aiming to give a more complete picture of the life experiences of people with disability – to see, hear and understand people with disability as a diverse community with specific needs and goals.

How the NDDA is planned to work

Linking datasets together

Improving data quality and comparability 


Creating a wide range of new insights through analysing the data in the NDDA

Making insights from the data accessible to audiences while protecting privacy

Placing a very high importance on safeguarding data and protecting privacy throughout the process

News and Project Updates

NDDA Partners

NDDA Partners

The NDDA pilot linked data from the Commonwealth, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia as well as the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Disability Advisory Council

The NDDA pilot was informed by the Disability Advisory Council. The Council engaged the disability community about the NDDA and providing guidance to the project.

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