Message from the Team

The Australian Government is delivering the National Disability Data Asset to improve inclusion and opportunity for people living with disability by linking data to better understand their life experiences.

News from Disability Reform Ministers

Disability Reform Ministers are the Australian, state and territory government ministers responsible for disability policy, who regularly meet to improve disability policy and implementation. In mid-2022 Disability Ministers considered recommendations from the Pilot Disability Advisory Council on the disability data asset. They were supportive of these recommendations. 

At their 13 December 2022 meeting, Disability Ministers agreed to continue to work together to progress work on the disability data asset.

As a key part of Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-2031, the National Disability Data Asset will provide a better understanding of how people are supported through services, payments and programs and better highlight outcomes for people with disability.

The Disability Ministers agreed that the first three priority areas for the asset are:

  1. health outcomes for people with disability
  2. employment outcomes for people with disability
  3. reporting on outcomes under Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021- 2031.

You can read more about Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021 – 2031 by visiting

The disability community’s views and support are key to the success of the disability data asset. Targeted engagement and consultation with key stakeholders from the disability community will occur in 2023. This will provide the disability community with a say in how the disability data asset is developed. 

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